Monday, May 11, 2015


Yeah, Cucuta is a smaller town, but I love it I don't really want to go to the big cities its not my style but I live in a section called Monaco on Calle 2. I believe and the lady that cooks for us is one block from our house. We only have half of the town too from Calle 2 to the end which is like Calle 27 I believe. Yeah, I really don't like the heat but its so small compared to the joy I have here the people are amazing and so willing to listen. We have a baptism the 16 and a family here that we are teaching are moving to Utah in Salt Lake City on Redwood Street pretty soon so we are trying to baptize them cause her boyfriend lives in SLC and is mormon and gave us this reference so trying to help them out. We eat at subway every p day, my little piece of heaven. I'm still learning Spanish but its all good. Oh and yesterday was fast Sunday and I was seriously dying of thirst but I made it through and then we had 3 lunch dates and by the end of the day I was dying of eating too much haha. God's sense of humor is always fun, but we seriously ate so much I was like omg .  I read the BoM in English
while I was in the MTC and now I'm trying to read it in Spanish which is way harder by the way and I'm so grateful to be here in this little town to be honest its way cool.
                  love you tons,
                  Elder Nebeker

So today we got locked out of our apartment cause my comp forgot the keys inside so now we don't
have a place to sleep hahah

I bought a watch last week and it was like 10 bucks everything here is pretty cheap and I think we
get 100 bucks a month but I'm not sure still trying to get adjusted and all and the watch flashes different colors for the light so that's rad haha.
 I can see why they say its the best 2 years. The days past fast, I mean I struggle a ton, but I just always try to put a smile on my face.

Here are some photos from when Andrew was in the MTC

Elder Hunsaker and Elder Nebeker eating peeps
His district visiting the temple

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