Monday, April 27, 2015

First area; Cucuta

Hey guys,
So I'm out in the field now. My first area is Cucuta which is a 20 hour bus ride from the mission home, but there were beautiful sites to see. Had to say goodbye to my companion Elder Hunsaker from the CCM. My new comp's name is Elder Perez and he is simply awesome. So my first day we went and I got to know people cause it was mutual night and ward counsel too so I introduced myself and all the good stuff which was a little nerve wrecking. Anyways we have quite a lot of investigators so one investigator we were walking by and we decided to stop and it's this 21 year old guy and his girlfriend an they both talk a ton but are pretty interested and its so cool to see them have that desire to learn and hopefully be baptized. We havent invited them cause we haven't even taught the first lesson yet we have been just answering their questions haha but that really stood out. Another one was today some guy on the bus just started asking us questions and we got his info so we are going to see him soon, but my comp is amazing. He helps me a ton and I'm learning alot of spanish considering no one else speaks english haha but its still hard to understand some people here. Anyways the days pass by so fast even though I have no clue about the area still haha so we wake up at 6:30 and exersice then breafast and shower, oh and our shower doesn't have a shower head and the water is so cold haha but its all part of the life. Also another investigator we have is a less active along with his family and I bore my testimony and told him if he ever neede help to call us cause he has a drinking problem and he isn't married to his wife so we have to work on that. We have a lady that cooks for us and she mixes it up all the time thank goodness and I usually just eat breakfast and lunch and no dinner. We dont have dinner cause it's a super fat lunch and it's usually pretty good. This sunday there was not a ton of memebers which is sad cause about half of them are inactive so we need to change that and I might be teaching english classes so that would be so rad cause people always ask if I can teach them some english and all. Hope you all have a fabulous week and don't be afraid to ask your Heavenly Father for help with anything.
                                                                                                            Elder Nebeker
Saying Goodbye to Elder Hunsaker
 My new companion Elder Perez
Eating at Subway

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Last Week


  Dang well this is my last week here in the Colombian MTC and I can't wait to leave after 5 weeks. The food gets old real fast, but my comp is a latino, Elder Buiza, and he is cool but quiet and talks spanish really fast so its a struggle. This week has been a crazy one from going to all english classes to 100 percent spanish which helps me and frustrates me a ton, but I have seriously learned so much in this week. Muchas gracias a todos en Valley Center. Ustedes son un buen barrio y tambien cuida a los missioneros alli. Te amo a todos en Valley Center y muchas gracias a ustedes por estar alli por mi. Translation: ( Thanks to everyone in Valley Center. You have been a great ward and take care of the missionaries there. I love everyone on Valley Center and thanks so much to you guys for being there for me.)
 Con amor,
Elder Nebeker