Monday, May 18, 2015

Week of Firsts

     Ok so had my first service project had my first zone meeting had my first interview with the president and my first stake conference and my first time being sick! Alright this week was insane had a huge service project of chopping down some insane weeds and I got like 3 blisters but its all good now. Also we had stake conference and an area of the seventy came and talked to us (Elder Wadell) He is 2 meters high and white but he talks really good Spanish which is hope for me haha. Anyways, hope all is good and that you are enjoying you life cause it truly is a wonder and a blessing. Well this week I should have my first baptism if all goes well. Our investigators is way rad, he talks a bunch but he has already read the triplet all the way through so he is for sure ready so I'll send you pics of the baptism. For now here are some photos of this week! So the first is some investigators of mine and the second was today at p day we climbed this tree that had some fat vines hanging off of it and yeah that's about it for this week. I guess see ya next week!


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