Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Last Week


  Dang well this is my last week here in the Colombian MTC and I can't wait to leave after 5 weeks. The food gets old real fast, but my comp is a latino, Elder Buiza, and he is cool but quiet and talks spanish really fast so its a struggle. This week has been a crazy one from going to all english classes to 100 percent spanish which helps me and frustrates me a ton, but I have seriously learned so much in this week. Muchas gracias a todos en Valley Center. Ustedes son un buen barrio y tambien cuida a los missioneros alli. Te amo a todos en Valley Center y muchas gracias a ustedes por estar alli por mi. Translation: ( Thanks to everyone in Valley Center. You have been a great ward and take care of the missionaries there. I love everyone on Valley Center and thanks so much to you guys for being there for me.)
 Con amor,
Elder Nebeker

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